Windows Phone 8, Features and Options

Android as a smartphone platform has created a huge base of mobile users across the globe. A wide range of mobile devices supporting Android in all price ranges, from low to high has abetted this surge of Android.

Unfortunately Microsoft offerings have not been able to match upto Android or the second lead in line, iOS.

Windows Phone 8 is slowly beginning to develop its eco-system. And the market is also adopting increasingly to this offering from Microsoft.

Compared to industry leaders Android and iOS, Windows series of OS for mobile has a market share of next to nothing – and the question doing round in tech circles is – will this new offering from Microsoft be any different from the previous attempts and face the stiff challenge posed by the more established duo?

The introduction of Windows 8 for desktop encouraged Microsoft to provide a platform that will be able to converge devices like desktop/laptop, smartphone and tablet, and this led to the creation of Windows Phone 8.

This attempt by Microsoft to compete in the smartphone space is not new. Previously Microsoft tries to capture market with Windows Phone 7.5 and then Windows Phone 7.8 – both of which did not take off as expected.

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is trying to wow users with something quite different from the previous two and that is what makes the tech analysts believe that Microsoft means business this time.

Since its launch last year, Windows Phone 8 has received praise from industry experts for its clean design interface.

But, smartphone users are still not falling over each other to adopt Windows Phone 8. One main reason could be it high adoption cost. Besides hardware manufacturers have not been given much option to leverage and create products that will attract consumers.

However, interface of Windows Phone 8 is a welcome change from the increasingly monotonous interfaces of Android and iOS. The previous two version of Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5, were hauled up by critics for lack of flexibility and also for missing many essential features. With Windows Phone 8 interface, things have changed a lot – and for the better.

Windows Phone 8 Features

Live Tiles. Live tiles is a captivating feature of Windows Phone 8. It has hooked many users. There is some desktop feel about the way tiles have been used which should be familiar to majority of PC users. On Android notifications are visible on top of the screen, but the live tiles of Windows Phone 8 show the notifications on top of screen and also keep it live on the home screen.

Better hardware compatiblity. Windows Phone 7.5 was meant for phones with 256 MB RAM, Windows Phone 8 is meant to offer the desktop Windows experience to the user. Microsoft has equipped the OS to be compatible with high end hardware like 1.5GHz processor and 1GB RAM which is really cool.

Bluetooth & Expandable storage. Many Windows Phone 7.5 users have complained about the absence of Bluetooth connectivity. With Windows Phone 8, users get Bluetooth and also the option to expand their memory storage.

So Should you Buy an Windows Phone 8?

The smartphones that run Windows Phone 8 offer an experience different from Android and iOS. The first time smartphone buyer could definitely go for it.

Windows Phone 8 smartphones available on the market right now are lacking in some advanced features like quad cores and big screen displays like 12.7 cm, but if you are just starting out with a smartphone, an 11.4cm display, such as in Nokia Lumia 920, would be a reasonably good option.

Another drawback is – due to hardware limitations, these smartphones do not offer the best in gaming experience.

But, if you are a first time smartphone buyer and ready to wait for this mobile platform to evolve in the coming times, Windows Phone 8 can be worth buying.

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