Ways to design websites that appeal to Teenage users effectively

Designing a website may not be very difficult owing to availability of myriads of applications, frameworks and scripting languages but making websites click with target audience may be tedious in some instances. The internet is being used by several million people in various countries and they belong to various age groups. A website design and its content that may be websites meant for teenagers. Teenage boys and girls tend to be moody, they have less patience for anything compared to elders and their choices can often be unpredictable.

Understanding the basics of teenage psychology

Designing websites for these users can be a tedious and challenging for any web designer. However, for a professional in the industry who has a decent understanding of teen psychology and behavior patterns, making such websites may not be very difficult. To make a website click with teenagers, you need to know their likes and dislikes very well. Teenagers hate boredom and they love things that offer interactivity. They also want to share their feelings and thoughts with liked minded boys and girls, both in life and online. Above all, they hate preaching and anything that appears sermonizing to them. Focus on these aspects of teen psychology when you design a teen centric websites to taste success.

Measures to design websites with focus on teen mentality

  • First of all, a teen centric website should appear interesting and attention grabbing. Teenagers do not like things and designs that look serious and dull. Ideally, teen centric websites should have bright and lively colors used in background and graphics. Colors like yellow, orange, green and blue work well in these websites and shades like black and grey should be used with caution. The interface should not appear cluttered and unintuitive.
  • Compared to their parents, who learnt internet and computers long after they became adults, present generation teenagers use these for various purposes. Internet is something they need almost every day to study, watch movies, listen to music, make calls and keep in touch with friends. They are more tech savvy than previous generation. Therefore, websites made for them need to be equipped to cater to their needs. The websites targeted at teen users should have video, interactive content, slideshows, images and anything that can be useful or them.
  • Like a majority of web users, teenagers are big fans of social networking. It is important that you include integration with social networking sites that are a hit with users in a teen based website from this age group. While Facebook and Twitter are top favorites, you need to keep your eyes open for teen social networking sites that are becoming popular. Teens like to post messages and comments in these sites more over using emails.
  • Teens always look for things that involve functionality and activity, even when they are searching the web. Websites with long pages of static content can repel them easily. Therefore, as a developer, you should equip your website meant for teens with online polls, contests, quiz and riddles. However, ensure that you do not make the registration process for using these online long and tedious. Teens are not very patient in general when using web and sites that require them to spend minutes to fill up forms can make them irate.
  • With advent and rising popularity of mobile web access devices, a lot of teenagers are using iPad and Android based tablets and smart phones to browse web. Therefore, it is essential that developers design websites with an eye for teens who will be accessing the site with these devices. There are tools that let you design sites for these mobile devices easily.

Developers making teen centric websites need to be careful about the content. Like adult users, Teens also need information and resources in web apart from entertainment and socializing scopes. However, content used in these sites should have a causal and interesting tone. Any formal or authoritative tone can repel teen users instantly. It would be a nice idea to use references and examples that teenagers can relate to easily. It is also important to maintain a balance of text and visual elements when using content in teen based websites.

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