Useful Things All Business Website Must Have – Part 2

This is the continuation of my previous post on the same topics. In today’s post I would discuss some more factors that are must for any business website. We discussed five important factors in the Part 1. Today, we will focus on another five factors.

Let’s continue.

6. Business Logo

Anonymity is at the core of the web world; a properly designed business logo gives your business a face on the internet. It is the identity of your business online. If you already have your business logo and you use it on all offline marketing materials, then put the same logo on your website too. If you do not have any business logo yet, then get one designed for you.

Logos are usually of three types; font based logos are those where the name of the company is written in a specific font and style, e.g. the logo of Google, IBM, Microsoft etc. Then there are the illustrative logos that explain the theme of the business using small illustrations or icons. And the third type of logos are those which are made of abstract art, symbols that creatively represent the name or theme of the business.

Consumers can relate themselves with the logos of big brands; they can remember the logos – it is a must to have your business logo positioned at a visible location on your website.

7. Easy Navigation

Navigation is essential for two reasons:

  1. User experience
  2. Good for search engine crawlers

All the pages of the website should be well connected from the home page; you have to make sure that a user does not need to make more than 2 clicks to find what they need. Isolated sales pages are not at all user friendly; a visitor must be able to browse different pages of the websites including about us, contact us, pricing and all before buying your product or service.


You should create a navigation strategy first; think about the best way of channelizing your visitors to the goal conversion page. The navigation map should be created keeping the goal in mind; you have to make sure that the visitors do not go away from the form fill up or request a quote page while browsing your website. If you want your visitors to fill up a form, make sure that form is either present on every page or the page is linked from all other pages of the website.

Breadcrumb navigation is one of the popular navigation structures that both users and search engines prefer. You should also have a sitemap to help people find what they need on the website.

8. Blog

Blog is the oxygen of a website. This is the informal wing of an otherwise formal website. Business websites are created and maintained in a very formal and professional way. Even when you integrate a blog with a professional corporate website, you can do a lot of interesting and interactive things with it. WordPress is the commonly used blogging platform; installing WordPress blog and WordPress customization are not any tough call at all.

Articles appear in chronological order in last post first basis. WordPress automatically maintains a date wise archive of all the blog posts. It allows you to create various categories to arrange the related articles together. Tags also enable the readers to find relevant articles easily. Your readers can subscribe to your blog to get updates instantly in their inbox whenever there is a new post.

9. Testimonial

What your past clients have to say about you! It’s very important – your prospective clients would definitely like to know whether you have a good relationship with the previous clients or not, whether they were satisfied with the service, whether you could keep the promises you made and all. Testimonials are very important; make sure you have testimonial section on the website and it is linked from all major pages of the website.

Try to display the name, designation, location and picture of the individuals who have sent you the testimonials if possible. See if you can upload some video testimonials – it will add more credibility to your website.

10. Mobile Version

This is an important one. The entire web world is converging to mobile devices; millions of people are accessing internet from mobiles, smartphones, iPad and other such devices. You have to make a mobile friendly version of your business website to cater to the mobile surfers.

That’s all for now; in the next and last part of this series will discuss five other factors. Stay tuned!

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