Useful Cloud Apps for web developers and designers

With significant advancements made in web development and design, creating website has become much simpler nowadays. Even people with rudimentary coding knowledge can design stunning websites within few hours owing to availability of frameworks and dedicated website design tools including CMS apps. However, of late web design professionals are leaning towards Cloud applications. As a matter of fact, cloud computing has affected programmers, developers, designers and almost any person who needs to use web for his profession.

Budding web designers can benefit greatly from using available Cloud applications for their work. These cloud apps can also come in handy for veteran developers. Most of these web hosted applications come for free and a few that require license cost deliver great value for money. While most of the Cloud based web development and design apps are accessible from PC, there are a few that have versions tailor made for handheld devices and tablets.

Dropbox- While Dropbox can be used by people who are not into web design or development too, this cloud app is very useful for developers who need to reuse codes and snippets in client projects. It is not always possible for developers to carry external storage devices and laptop but they need access to assets like codes, images and media content. Thanks to DropBox, storing such content online has been made simple.

Google Apps– Google’s online Apps are used by several million PC users, web designers included. Google Apps make keeping track of work and sharing with a team easier. Google Apps also give a user 25GB of storage space which would be more than adequate for designers to store their design assets and materials safely.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Kuler– Every web designer who has spent some years in the industry is well acquainted with the brand Adobe Inc. For web design and graphic design work, Adobe’s powerhouse apps like Photoshop and Dreamweaver are widely used by professionals. However, Adobe product fans in web design community are pretty excited about the company’s much touted Creative Cloud. Adobe is promoting the Creative Clouds as a unique means to distribute software, impart training and new technology to Adobe CS users. Now, millions of web designers use one or more product sold under the umbrella of Adobes’ Creative Suite.

Adobe’s Kuler is a cloud based application which offer color themes free to users. It can be used in design projects easily.

Codeita- There are several code editing platforms meant for web developers. However, development professionals looking for a versatile cloud based coding editor can opt for Codeita. It can be used for design, coding, and even publishing. It has a free version which offers 100 MB space for beginners. After signing up, users can upload files and publish them seamlessly using cloud interface. However, this cloud app runs well in browser like Chrome and Safari. It does not support IE8 well. Using this cloud app, developers can upload files from computers and also create them on the fly. It also allows you to generate and use MySQL databases easily. You can also share your project online with other web developers who use this cloud app.

Browsershots- It is very important for website design professionals to ensure that the websites designed by them get displayed without hassle in every web browser. Nowadays, web users access the internet using various browsers apps and a web site needs to be cross browser compatible to become available to largest number of users. To check this functionality of a website, developers can use a cloud app named Browsershots. It helps web developers to preview how their websites get rendered in different browsers and thus save them from many hassles later.

Pixlr– Web design professionals often need to use image editing tools like Corel PhotoPaint or Adobe Photoshop. This can be necessary for optimizing and slicing images for online usage and even for creating short animations. However, Nowadays they can resort to Cloud based image editing tools for flexibility of work. Pixlr is one such web based image editing tool designers can use. Both Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor  are flash based. Therefore you need to ensure tour browser’s Flash plug-in is updated before you can use them for work.

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