Top reasons why you can choose Adobe Fireworks for web design

Website design does not only comprise of writing pages of complex codes and rung tests on various browsers but designers also need to deal with various elements like content, video, audio and images. Images, in particular, are used in almost every type of websites since no viewer wants to visit web pages composed of static text. Web designers use various software for image editing and optimizing for websites but a majority of them prefer Photoshop. While it remains a versatile and powerful image editor, not everyone can afford it. If you are a newbie designer and want to use an image editing app at reasonable price, it is time you give Fireworks a try.

While Fireworks does not enjoy a huge user base and cult status as its more expensive cousin Photoshop, it is a nifty tool for web image optimizing and layout designing. Below listed are some reasons why you may consider using this versatile app for web graphics handling.

Pixel precise control over images and design elements– If you are a designer who is finicky about layout of design elements in web page then Fireworks will surely fit your bill. To create any shape in this app, you need not mess with nitti grities like ruler, grid and guides. However, all these elements are there in case you need them. You can deal with individual elements in your file simply by clicking and dragging, no need to look for layers and groups. This app is basically object based and hence manipulating objects in it is easier compared to Photoshop and other design tools.

Web layer– When you create a file in Fireworks, a web layer gets created along with regular layers.  This is useful for all web image optimization related work. Using it you can slice images, optimize image sand decide output format and compression details, for example. With it, you can also set roll-over and links and generate required HTML code right from its interface.

Gradient creation and customization– Quite often designers need to use gradients in web images, mostly for making backgrounds. While Photoshop and other apps also offer gradients, Fireworks offers ultimate flexibility in creating and modifying gradients. In Fireworks, you get gradients with control handles for precise manipulation inside objects.

Easy learning curve– This is definitely a solid reason why newbie designers can give Fireworks a try. Compared to Photoshop, the learning curve is easier. In fact, there are several designers who have learnt Fireworks after they mastered Photoshop and the transition is not hard at all.

Plethora of vector tools– Fireworks has a number of tools meant for vector graphics editing. Therefore, when you need to do an illustration for client website, there is no need to fire up a standalone vector graphics editor if you already use Fireworks. The app also offers users an impressive collection of smart objects that are vector based.  It offers you a perfect WYSIWYG environment and so graphics appear in its interface the same way as they would on the final website.

Multiple Pages– Compared to layers in Photoshop, Fireworks’s Pages allow designers to create a number of layouts for making web page mock ups quickly. A single file made in this app can contain a number of pages. Like a dedicated page layout and print design centric app, Fireworks enables users to work with Master Page which then can be linked with other pages. Using same design elements across multiple pages is also possible. It is helpful when you are working on a website and site wise changes need to be made.

Styles and symbols– With Fireworks styles, users get same flexibility what developers get from CSS. You can create new styles in a jiffy and use it several times across all pages in a document just with a few clicks. Those who are familiar with Adobe Flash will understand how beneficial and time saving symbols can be. You can create custom graphic, animation and buttons and save them as symbols. Later they can be reused in various projects. They are saved in library and so when you edit the main symbol, all instances in the document get automatically updated. For instance, you can make changes to buttons used in web pages using symbols as and when required.

Vast web compatible export format support-Every image editing lets users save images in a number of file formats but it is difficult to match the range offered by this Adobe app. With Fireworks, you can export files as PNG, GIF or JPEG with various compression seamlessly. Apart from that it also lets you export your documents as PDF presentation, CSS, and HTML.  You can import and export files to Photoshop and Illustrator from this application as well. It is also possible to copy paste elements from Fireworks to Dreamweaver, Adobe’s popular website development application.

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