Best Image Management Plugins for WordPress

While there are various tools and applications available for designing websites, CMS applications are the favorites of thousands of web designers worldwide. In last few years, these apps have become really popular in web development industry. Owing to their low ownership cost, flexibility and robust feature set, CMS applications like WordPress and Drupal are being used by millions of users nowadays. However, WordPress is one CMS app that is known for its user friendliness. Even if you are not well versed in HTML or XML, it is possible to set up a website in WordPress within hours. To extend usability of this CMS app, there are plenty of plug-ins and extensions. If you want to develop interactive and media rich websites using it, it is necessary to know about top image plug-ins supported by WordPress.

Benefits you get from using Image plug-ins of WordPress

WordPress can surely be used to make media rich websites but with its numerous image plug-ins you can ensure the images can be used the way you want. There is various such plug-ins for WordPress chat can be used to create stunning photo galleries in websites, optimize images before and add special effects to images. Some image plug-ins also allows you make animated slideshows.  These plug-ins add a touch of professionalism and creativity to any image you use in WordPress. In fact, you may not need to use dedicated image editors if you have the required plug-ins.

Shutter Reloaded: It is a useful WordPress plug-in that helps images stand out in web pages and draw viewer’s attention to it. Basically, it darkens the web page to make the image appear prominent.

Flipping Book: It is useful if you want to display images in your website in an unconventional way. This pug-in enables you to display image sin your website in book page style, much in the line of iTunes album flow style. You can flip images in a style similar to flipping pages in book. This looks stylish and adds to user convenience.

Easy Image Crop: As its name indicates, you can use this image plug-in for WordPress to crop mages before uploading them to your site. This simple ad nifty tool can crop images to your desired dimension and thus it spares you from using standalone image editing applications.

NextGEN Gallery: To create photo galleries in WordPress based sites easily, you can use this image plug-in. It helps you in making image albums smoothly. Apart from that, you can also use it to make stunning Flash based slide shows.

Fotobook: If you want to like your WordPress site to your Facebook profile, this plug-in is meant for you. After using this plug-in, you will be able to share images between the two sites seamlessly. In fact, you can link your WordPress site with more than one Facebook profiles at a time.

SEO Friendly Images: As its name indicates, this plug-in helps you in making images that will be used in your website SEO friendly. This plug-in updates all images used in a site with suitable Title and ALT attributes. It also helps in making your post valid for W3C/xHTML standard.

Imsanity: This plug in is useful for downsizing images to a suitable size so that they can be displayed in web browsers without a problem. You can also set size attributes for images. With this plug-in, you can also resize images that had been uploaded previously. Blog site owners will benefit more from it as they do not need to use high resolution images in general. After enabling this plug-in, you do not need to intervene to operate it.

ImageFX: ImageFX has a number of effects that can be applied to images in your WordPress website with ease. Popular filters like Grayscale, sepia, blur and emboss can be applied with this plug-in.

Image Pro: This is another useful WordPress image plug-in that you can use to make changes to images in a number of ways. It helps in resizing images as per user needs and uploading multiple mages at once from computer.

There is many more WordPress plug-ins that you can use for optimizing, editing and dealing with images. However, ensure the plug-in you use is officially supported and can be used with ease.

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