Top Chrome extensions web developers can gain from

In last few years, web development industry has gone through major upheavals and breakthrough technological innovations. Web browsers, for instance, have become more feature rich and become more than just a mean to browse web for users. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two browsers that have turned out to be beneficial for web developer communities. Chrome, in spite of being new kid on the block has surpassed almost all its rivals, even the venerable IE9. Apart from being a very popular browser, Chrome is also used extensively by web developers for site testing and various development purposes. One of the reasons Chrome is sought after by designers is its massive number of extensions.

Below listed are some of the useful and popular extensions of Chrome that can come in handy for web designers and developers.

 Awesome Screenshot and Aviary Screen Capture: There is many screen shot capture extensions available for Chrome but these two can be really useful. Awesome Screenshot enables you to take snapshots of either partial or full page. The interesting part is that after the shot is taken you can mark certain parts. Thereafter, you can save the screenshot on your disk or upload it for online storage. Aviary Screen Capture is ideal for you if you do not want extensions to access your browsing history and data.

AppJump App Launcher and Organizer: When you complete installing and downloading required extensions for chrome, it is better that you use an organizer. AppJump App Launcher and Organizer is ideal for this purpose. It enables you to launch other extensions and relevant applications from a menu placed on your browser toolbar. This extension also lets you organize extensions and apps in separate groups.

Chrome Sniffer: This extension is very useful for web developers who need to check out framework of websites. This helps them find out any Javascript library or Content Management System elements in a website. As of now, Chrome Sniffer can detect more than 100 web frameworks.

Cloud Save: Every web user is now more or less aware of the benefits of cloud storage. Web developers who need to access specific assets for work frequently can think of storing these online with Cloud Save. This innovative chrome extension allows developers to save media content and files from websites to popular cloud services like DropBox and Amazon Cloud Drive.

HTML Instant: This is ideal for those developers who still use hand coding instead of relying on framework and standalone website design apps. This extension offers a split screen. Its left side is for HTML coding. The right side reflects the code results. For developers, the icing on cake is that it also supports JavaScript and CSS. This HTML editor extension is ideal even for newbie designers.

IE Tab: As is evident from its name, this extension allows developers to see WebPages in an IE simulated mode but within the interface of Chrome itself. This is indeed helpful because as a web designer you will want your sites to be cross browser compatible. This extension offers an easy way to check compatibility of your websites witch IE. Despite the growing market share of Chrome, there is no denying that a majority of web users still use various editions of IE for web access. However, one drawback of this extension is that it works in Windows OS exclusively.

Microstock Photo Power Search Tool: A professional web designer needs to work with quality stock images. However, finding impressive looking stock images can prove to be rather time consuming for a designer. This is where this Chrome extension comes in handy.

Pendule: web developers who do not want to use many extensions and wish to get one that performs several tasks, will surely appreciate Pendule. It offers you multiple functionalities. With this extension you can hide images and view details of images. This extension also lets you alter and view CSS and JavaScript. That’s’ not all, this versatile extension also includes a CSS and HTML validator and color picker.

WhatFont: Web designers cannot get their hang of fonts at times. A fancy font style that catches your interest online may be difficult to trace. However, with this nifty font finder extension finding fonts that catch your attention becomes a cakewalk.

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