Top apps web developers using Mac can benefit greatly from

While an overwhelming majority of web design and development professionals use Windows for creating websites apps, the cult of Mac users in the community has also grown over the years. The number of developers using Windows can surpass that of Mac users in industry but there is no denying that designing websites using Mac is also a possibility for those who can afford Macintosh computers. As a matter of fact, Mac is preferred mostly by those who are into design. The Mac OS along with Apple invented computers offer a blend of uncompromising performance and ease of work that design houses swear by.

Apart from Apple’s own apps that are used by designers, there are a number of third party apps that run on OSX. Web design professionals who own Mac can resort to these applications to streamline workflow and enhance productivity at work. Some of the applications are open source while others require users to pay licensing fee.

  1. Inkscape: If you do not want to use a resource hungry and expensive vector graphics illustration app like Adobe illustrator, Inkscape is what you need. This open source vector drawing software is ideal for creating stunning artwork for websites without spending much time.
  2. TextWrangler: Developed by Bare Bones Software, TextWrangler  4 is free and it can be used by web developers using Mac platform for coding with ease. This versatile text editor can be used both for complex coding and general text inputs.
  3. MAMP: MAMP is useful when developers need to work with websites but they do not have access to web. It can also be used to test websites and modify them without getting those changes reflected live. It is easy to use and once installed, you can access PHP, Apache as well as MySQL for Mac OS X.
  4. Smultron: Smultron is a versatile text editor that developers using Macs can benefit from. You can use it instead of Mac OS X’s default text editor. It is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5. It can be used both for general text input and HTML usage.
  5. Coda: Made by Panic, Coda is a web site development that is not as heavy or resource hogging as Dreamweaver yet offers plenty of features and functionalities to users. The application is intuitive and has a clutter free interface. In the recently released version 2 of Coda, Panic has added some nifty features. It comes with an in built MySQL editor. A variant name Diet Coda has been release for developers who use iPads.
  6. Cyberduck: Cyberduck is a feature packed and intuitive FTP/FTP-TLS/SFTP enabled browser for Mac environment. It supports Apple technologies including Bonjour and spotlight. It is open source and hence free to distribute and use. The app is multi lingual in nature. Cyberduck is suited for those web developers who need to change file systems periodically. It is compatible with Textmate, another nifty app web developers can utilize.
  7. Textmate: Textmate is an award winning and versatile text editor application running in Mac environment. It is user friendly and comes with oodles of features.
  8. Seashore: Seashore is ideal for those web designers who need to use powerful image editing apps for their work but do not want to buy expensive and resource hogging products like Photoshop. This free image editor is based on Cocoa Framework of Mac OSX. With this image editing software, editing images for web usage or creating background texture becomes a cakewalk for users.
  9. Aptana: web developers who want a text editor that offers simplicity of Textmate but with more feature set can try Aptana. This fully fledged text editor supports FTP and relevant technologies used in web development including Adobe AIR, PHP and Ajax.
  10. Pixelmator: Web designers who need a versatile and fully fledged image editing app at a reasonable price can opt for Pixelmator. It offers a lot of image editing and optimizing features at a modest price tag of $59. You can also try the app for free for a month. Pixelmator is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 version onwards. Its interface is similar to Photoshop and there are some useful filters for adding special effects to images as well.
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