Top 7 Mobile Design and Usability Issues Every Designer and Developer Must Know

‘Mobile’ is the big trend these days. Any design / app you make – it has to be adaptable to mobile devices.

Businesses are willing to spend top dollars to reach the growing mobile user market and as a designer / developer you must make sure that your design / app provides the desired user experience on behalf of your brand.

But to do that you must know the factors that prevent consumers from a smooth user experience,

These are the top 7 factors in descending order or importance

  • Bad Navigation and Poor Find-ability
  • Screen Sizing Issues
  • Form Filling Problems
  • Slow Page Download Speed
  • Checkout problems
  • Registration problems
  • Payment problems


Most of these issues are a result of poor design planning and can be fixed easily.

One way to do that is – think ‘mobile’ first when you start design or development.

Designer should chalk out a layout plan for mobile devices first – starting with the lowest view-port size and then scale up for wider screens.

Developers should focus on reducing code bloat, minimizing existing code, reduce redundant database calls and work closely with the designer to create an error free experience for the user.

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