Pros and Cons of Pop-Up and Pop-Under Ads

Pop-Up and pop-under ads are quite common; you would not find a single person who browses websites and has not come across such intrusive ads. This is one of the common ways of showing ads on the websites.

Not only the brand conscious people go for pop-up ads, but publishers who earn revenue by showing pay per impression ads use pop-up ads. Many companies display pop-up ads to capture the visitors who are about to leave their website – as you click on the close button, a pop-up ad appears with a last offer for you.

Whatever be the usefulness of pop-up and pop-under ads, people will call it intrusive ads. According to the latest marketing and advertising strategies intrusive ads are not a good way to promote a brand as people might find them annoying. However, pop-up and pop-under ads are still very much active on the internet.

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of using intrusive ads:

Advantages of using pop-up and pop-under ads

The list of benefits is not short and quite appealing too. Here you go:

  1. Pop-up and pop-under ads are reported to have a better click through rate than other types of ads displayed on websites. The click through rate might be as high as 15%.
  2. Pop-up ads, when used in a synchronized way with the web page, can help you achieve better branding. If there is no other image or call to action on the web page, pop-up ads can create great impact on viewers’ mind.
  3. The cost of pop-up and pop-under ads are pretty high compared to banner ads; but the ROI they give is quite high too. That is the reason most people are ready to invest in this form of advertising.

Probable disadvantages of using pop-under ads

There is a negative side of the intrusive ads; by showing this type of ad you might fall prey to following problems.

  1. Most of the visitors; especially those who are serious and familiar with the internet technologies, do not like pop-up and pop-under ads. These ads are annoying and might harm the reputation of the advertiser and the publisher.
  2. Some of the pop-up and pop-under ads, especially those which contain scripts, might slow the system, and sometimes can crash the browser.
  3. As pop-up and pop-under ads are annoying, many people use tools to block these ads. Some browsers have built-in pop-up blocking feature. Even if you run pop-up ad campaign, you would not be able to reach to these people.

How to use intrusive ads effectively

To use intrusive ads effectively, you have to first know what the different types of ads are – how you can be creative with them and then you can decide the right strategy.

Here is a list of standard ad styles available:

  1. Banner ads: This is the oldest style of web ads; they are displayed on top or bottom of the websites. In this type of ads, the width is higher than the height of the ad.
  2. Skyscraper ads: This is similar like banner ads; the only difference is in the dimension. Skyscraper ads are vertical – here height is greater than the width.
  3. Square ads: As the name suggests the width and height of these ads are same; square ads are usually displayed at the middle of the web page.
  4. Rich media: Rich media ad can fit into any of the styles mentioned above; these ads contain something more than just text and image – they are made of multimedia components.

Based on the usage ads can be classified under some heads; here is the list:

  1. Pop-up ads: These ads are triggered when the website loads usually; JavaScript is used to load the ads. They appear above the website and sometimes disable the controls present on the original website to force people to click on the ad.
  2. Pop-under ads: These ads are triggered automatically when a page loads, but they are displayed beneath the active web page.
  3. Interstitial Ads: These ads are triggered when the visitor clicks on a link on the website. The ads open between the page you were viewing and the page you are going to open next.

Based on your requirement, type of product, audience etc. you have to decide which ad type would be the best fit for your advertising campaign.

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