Top Free And Premium WordPress Portfoliio Theme

Free Theme 1.imbalance Download   ||    Demo 2. Shaken Grid Download   ||    Demo 3.Infinity Download   ||    Demo 4.Photoria Download   ||   Demo 5.Portfolium Download   ||   Demo 6.Viewport Download   ||   Demo   Premium Template 1.Fullscreen Buy  ||   Demo 2. Volume Buy  ||   Demo 3.Work-A-Holic Buy  ||   Demo 4.Gallery Buy  […]

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Top Free WordPress Travel Themes

WordPress templates are in much demand, but it is hard to get good templates & themes. Here we have brought to you top 50 high quality travel templates for wordpress. If you know of any other WordPress Travel Theme not in this list, then please share link in comments below. 1. Air Travel Demo | […]

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How to Add Screenshot to WordPress Theme

This is for WordPress theme developers. Adding screenshot to WordPress theme in Admin Panel is easy. Just create a PNG image of your theme (or use a firefox addon like fireshot to take screenshot) and resize it to 300 x 225 (pixels). Name the file screenshot.png and upload to the theme’s top level directory.

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How to Create Phone Icon in Photoshop in 10 minutes

Tutorial on how to create a phone icon in Photoshop…. Photoshop 2.go to file,now select the new tab(or press cntrl+n). select the size of canvas press enter. go to file and select save(or press cntrl+s),select the path you want to save the file and save it select the Rectangle tool(or […]

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