Import Large MySql Database with Bigdump

Importing MySql database through PHPMyAdmin has its limitations. Often you will face a server imposed file upload limit (usually 2 ~ 50 MiB per upload ) and / or script timeout limitations.

This becomes a problem when you are trying to upload larger database.

Bigdump solves that problem.

Bigdump is a staggered MySql dump importer script. What that means is – it will import a large database in parts and overcome filesize and script timeout limitations.

Using Bigdump is fairly easy.

Download the script fromĀ

Open it in notepad or dreamweaver (you can use other editors also)

Change the values for server name, database name, username and password

$db_server = ‘localhost’;
$db_name = ‘your_db_name’;
$db_username = ‘your_db_username’;
$db_password = ‘your_db_password’;

Upload it somewhere in a folder in your server which is accessible through a browser.

For example, if your site is then you might place the script in folder.

Next upload the database file you want to import to the same folder where bigdump script is located.

Run the script from browser, select the db you want to import and start import.

In my test case i imported a 75 MB db in 30 secs. Depending on your database size of course the time will vary.



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