Ideal WordPress Plug-ins to make your site SEO and social media friendly

In last few years, popularity of CMS apps in web design industry has grown significantly and this is definitely not without reasons. With CMS apps, even a newbie user can create professional sites replete with media elements and interactivity within hours. With time, commercial and large websites are being designed with versatile CMS apps. While there are plenty of CMS apps in industry, WordPress enjoys a huge popularity among designers and web users alike.

WordPress Plug-in for extending usability and functionality

WordPress is known as a really user friendly and flexible kind of CMS that enjoys a huge and rising user base. Similar to other CMS apps, it also has a lot of plug-ins that developers can use to extend functionality of sites made using WordPress. However, selecting the right WordPress Plug-ins out of several thousand existing variants can be a tad tough for newbie designers. Below listed is some useful plug-ins for this CMS app that can be used to make sites more social media and SEO friendly with ease. Some of these are also useful for improving site performance and efficient database mangment.

HTML Compression: With this plug-in, you can compress WordPress blog pages easily in gZip format. However, remember that a web browser should support HTTP compression in order to make this plug-in work as intended. With this plug-in, web page size is drastically reduced and thus page loading time is diminished. This will be helpful for web users stuck with slower connections. However, this plug-in may not be supported in older editions of WordPress.

WP Super Cache: This one is popular among WordPress users. It helps in situations when server is overloaded and a site gets traffic beyond its capacity to handle. This plug-in optimizes WordPress sites resulting in fewer loads on server and after site loading.

W3 Total cache: If site loading time is of utmost importance to you and you prefer WordPress, try this nifty plug-in. It can diminish site load time up to 10 times. This is ideal for sites that contain a lot of content and plenty of media elements like video and images. This plug-in gives you absolute control over various page element so you can tweak them conveniently.

WPtouch: With time, number of web users who rely on mobile web devices like tablet and smart phones is going up. In last couple of years in particular, number of mobile web users have shot up in an unprecedented way. Therefore, it is only natural that designers using WordPress would like to optimize their sites well for smart phones and handheld web access devices. This is what you can achieve with a plug-in called WPTouch.  It makes a WordPress site more responsive for convenience of smart phone and tablet users. It has been found to work well for devices like Blackberry, iPhone and Palm devices etc. There is a commercial Pro version of this plug-in that offers even more features.

WP-DBManager: With time, web designers are leaning towards making commercial and database driven websites with WordPress. If the database of a WordPress site gets cluttered and clunky, using a plug-in like WP-DBManager can help. It cleans up and optimizes database to enhance site performance.

ShareThis: This plug-in helps developers integrating social media sharing buttons in their websites. Installing and configuring it is simple. You can choose from various display options like series of icons and a single icon. With this, you can figure out how your website articles are getting shared across social media platforms in the web.

All in one SEO Pack: It is not necessary to elaborate on the need and importance of SEO in websites and every web developers is aware of its importance. WordPress users can choose from a number of SEO friendly plug-ins to make their sites more accessible to search engines. However, if you want a comprehensive SEO plug-in for your WordPress site, ‘All in one SEO Pack’ comes across as a potent option. It is particularly useful for those users who are not expert in nuances of SEO methods.  This plug in is useful for Meta tag generation and optimization of post title. It also helps in detecting any duplicate content in websites.

Social Metrics: No web design professional can afford to ignore the reach and power of social media and this is applicable for WordPress users too! They can use a plug-in called Social Metrics to gauge how their posts fare in various social media platforms. There is no complex setup involved for installing this plug-in and it gives a nice dashboard based control to monitor and compare your posts.

Apart from aforementioned popular and widely used plug-ins for WordPress, developers can opt for many others as per their needs. WordPress plug-ins are also available for image and media management, online transaction initiation and specific social media integration etc.

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