How you can design a women centric website that clicks with target audience

When design professionals need to make websites for various types of users and they also need to implement different design methods as per target audience type. To succeed in web design for user with different mindsets and age differences, a profound understanding of human psychology is required on part of designers. They need to be particularly careful when it comes to designing a website meant for women users. To design a website targeted primarily at female users, web design professions need to know what women relate to and what the things they find unacceptable are. They need to be careful about each aspect of such websites including colors, graphics, media and content.

Clean and neat interface: By nature, women tend to be more organized and they also like things that seem in order. This is what designers making websites for female audience should keep in mind. In a women oriented website, interface needs to be clutter free and neat. As a designer, you should refrain from the temptation of using too many elements in the home page of such a site. Women viewers will not hesitate to flock to other websites if they think your website looks messy and not organized as per their mindset.

Be creative about font usage: In general, women tend to have a penchant for things and designs that appear a little unusual yet creative to them. That is why you can experiment with fonts in a website you are designing for the fair sex. You can choose from less used and aesthetic looking fonts for headers and sub headings in such a site to appeal to the female viewers. However, in your bid to be creative, do not implement a font that makes reading difficult for viewers.

Select colors and use graphics with care: Web designers making women centric websites need to be really careful about using colors. This can be a touchy aspect of designing such websites. There is no such stereotypes that you have to choose pink and similar hues that are commonly associated with women. However, it would be a good idea to use bright colors in background for designing such sites rather than dull shades.

However, designers need to be a little careful and they should think about age group of target users. A color that appeals to teen girls using web may not be that interesting to women above 40. Similarly, designers need to select colors for websites with caution that are meant for both female and male users. Choosing neutral colors for such sites would be a good idea. In any case, designers should refrain from using too many colors in these websites.

Web designers need to use textures and patterns in female centric websites with care. Floral patterns in page background usually connect well with target audience in this context. Using natural symbols and soft geometric shapes is something that can be relevant for background design of such sites.

Images can speak louder than words: While it is very important to use proper content in websites, designers developing websites for female users should use images carefully. Depending on age group of users, designers need to select images. For example, in websites selling maternity products images of babies and mothers look nice and viewers can connect to such images easily. Similarly, images related to corporate sector should be used in websites meant for career conscious women. As is the case with any website, designers should maintain a balance between image quality and compression for usage in such websites.

Content should be tweaked to feel female viewers at ease: When it comes to developing content for sites meant for female web users, special care needs to be taken. Women do not prefer reading content that sounds too prosaic, formal and businesslike. Even if a site is meant for promoting products to women, the tone of the content should be friendly, casual yet credible. If possible, you can use examples involving women to illustrate a point or describe benefits of a product in such sites.

Media for allowing female users to connect: women love to listen to stories and share their views with others. You can use media elements in your sites effectively to utilize this aspect of their nature. A lot of women users like to see videos in websites, including sites that sell products and services. You can also use social media integration in your sites to let viewers connect to online friends easily.

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