Strategy to Promote Your Business via Multiple Social Media Accounts

Like it or not – social media is everywhere. From being a personnel channel of expression, it has evolved and become a marketing channel for businesses all over the world.

If you are a professional, service provider or a businessman, you cannot ignore social media.

Here is this post i will try to simplify the process of using social media for your business. I will not talk about high concepts like branding, engagement etc, Rather i will give you the outlines of what you need to do in social media to promote your business with some degree of success.

To promote your business in social media (aka social networking sites) You will need 2 types of accounts.

1. Social Media Accounts that need full attention. Create accounts manually, set up bio and links manually with proper description and intro text where applicable.

2. 2nd tier social media accounts – to be used as link dumps

1st type of account will need constant content, monitoring and promotion. Bennefits – traffic & brand exposure.

After setting up 1st type of accounts you will need a tool to post to these accounts simultaneously. Since the process is time consuming, it will be a good idea to have not more than 5 such accounts.

Take care to create accounts on biggest and high traffic sites only – else the main purpose of getting traffic and brand exposure will fail.

What to post.

A good strategy will be to write for your blog and then share it across your accounts – with brief description.

Post only noteworthy, remarkable content. Anything else will be a waste of time. So if you plan to post everything from your blog or anything random that comes to your mind – hold that urge.

It is better to take a second look at what you are promoting. Typically network users will ignore your content if it is not interesting or useful in some way.

To promote your account in these networks, you will need to interact with members. Do not expect people to arrive on your account page without a bit of interaction.

You can comment on other peoples account, share interesting stuff, provide tips etc. The idea is to keep your account activeand draw in other people to view your account page.

Do not forget to use your image in account. Accounts with images get more views and interaction. Using a profile picture increases authenticity of your account – and people prefer to interact with authentic persons, not some faceless entity.

Develop an interaction strategy before promoting accounts. Identify your target audience. Age group, gender, location etc. Find out user accounts accordingly. Next follow, comment, share, post content suitable for you chosen group.

The second tier networks do not need as much attention as the first tire ones.

You can share same content and resources amongst both 1st tier and 2nd tier networks. But you need not actively engage in interaction for the 2nd tier accounts – because that would be very hard to maintain in the long run, unless you have a big team and deep pockets to fund account operations.

What you can do with the 2nd tier accounts is – keep sharing you blog posts and other information across all acounts, then promote the accounts in bunch.

Say you have accounts in five networks A, B,C, D, E, F – all 2nd tier. You can share your same blog post in all of them, or you can use a tool like onlywire to post same content to all of them.

Next you can do bulk promotion of these accounts as follows –

1. Cross link all your accounts
2. Create a bookmarking account in a popular site like
3. Add all you account links there
4. Create an article on your topic
5. Insert link to your social media account in author bio
6. Distribute the article to all major article directories
7. Select some on-topic forums which allow signature links
8. Create your account – add signature link to your bookmarking account
9. Participate in discussions from time to time.

Remember, all this will take time. If you are a solo operation or hard pressed for time then it will make sense to use only 3 – 4 major networks to promote your stuff.

Looking forward to your comments below.

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