How to Create Phone Icon in Photoshop in 10 minutes

Tutorial on how to create a phone icon in Photoshop…. Photoshop
2.go to file,now select the new tab(or press cntrl+n). select the size of canvas press enter. go to file and select save(or press cntrl+s),select the path you want to save the file and save it select the Rectangle tool(or press U) draw a box like this and name the layer “screen”

7.Now take the Round Rectangle tool and creat a another box under the “”screen” layer and name it as “body”

8.Now select the “body” layer and right click and select blending option(or double click on it to open the blending option) select the Bevel and Emboss option and set the value to

Style: inner Bevel
Technique: smooth
depth: 42%
Direction: up

Angle : 120
Highlight Mode: Screen
Opacity :75%
Shadow Mode: Multiply (set the color to black)
Opacity: 75%

10. Now select the Gradient Overlay and set the value to
Blend Mode: Normal
Gradient: one side as black and one side as white
angel: 90

11.Now we need a rusty background for the phone body for this again open the blending option
12.Now select the pattern overlay and select the option color paper from option

13.Now set the value to
Blend Mode:Normal
Pattern:color paper
check the “link with layer”

14.Now creat a layer named “shade” under the layer body and open blending option(like the previous way)and select “drop shadow” and set the properties to

::Drop Shadow::
Blend mode :Multiply(set the color to black or #00000)
Angel:120(check :use Global Light)
Distance :5px
size: 5Px


Check: layer knocks out drop shadow

Now click ok.

15.Now its time to set the screen portion and wallpaper for the phone

16.Now download any image from internet or use a good one from your stock images and go to “file” then “place” and select the images from your hard drive then click ok. transform the image to fit in your canvas and name the layer as “walp”(hold shift+alt for equal transformation) its time to make the button for your phone

19.Now select the round rectangle tool(or press u) and align it using transform tool and name the layer as “buttonbk”

20.Now open the blending option for the layer “buttonbk”(by double clicking the layer)

21.And Select inner Glow and set the properties to:
::Inner Glow::
Blend Mode:Screen

Source :edge



22.Now we will be creating the call button for the phone icon

23.simply take the new layer up on the “buttonbk” and name it as “button”and copy and past the same layer propertes of “buttonbk” by right clicking the “buttonbk” layer. open the blending option for button and select stroke and set the properties to for a border of the button:
Blend Mode:Normal
Fill Type :color
color: set it to black(#000000) we will be designing the button for this simply take a new layer upon the layer button and name it to as “button_round”

26.Now select the Ellipticla Marque Tool(or simply press M) make a round shape to the center of the button upon the layer button. It should look like the exact 2nd image.Fill the round shape with the color #cccece. select the rectangle marque tool(or presss m) and take a layer after the lauer “button_land”

29. Now we are ready.


The exact output should look like this


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