Comprehensive List of WordPress Theme Frameworks

1. Bones Framework:

Advanced theme framework based on HTML5 Boiler Plate. Allows rapid prototyping.


2. Wonderflux Theme Framework:

Advanced wordpress theme framework featuring full OOP code structure.


3. Indenizer Theme Framework:

Indenizer is more of a starting theme than a framework. It gives you a simple theme with building blocks on the home page which can be reorganized and edited for developing themes rapidly.


4. Reverie Theme Framework:

Versatile and responsive wordpress framework based on Foundation CSS Framework.


5. Skeleton Theme Framework:

Simple responsive video theme from simple themes.

6. Whiteboard Theme Framework:

Built with Less Framework, whiteboard operates on the principle that “less is efficient”. Whiteboard claims to include only the core WordPress structure and does not get fancy with unnecessary functions.


7. Roots Theme Framework:

Roots is based on HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap from Twitter. One interesting feature of this framework is the “Theme Wrapper” where a single file base.php is used to serve all templates.


8. Foundation for WordPress:

Based on the popular Foundation CSS Framework it comes with a blank starter theme. It features clean semantic code, smart use of WordPress functions and the WordPress Shortcode API.


9. Carrington Theme Framework:

Carrington makes it easy to create unique looks for different categories, post types and comments just by creating custom templates. Designed to work well with custom post types in wordpress.


10. Thematic Framework:

Thematic from themeshaper is a highly extensible, search engine optimized wordpress theme framework. Includes option for multi-author blogs.


11. Simon WordPress Framework:

Open source, widget ready wordpress theme framework, provides options for maximum screen size of 1200px with clean code and free icons, form design, and more…


12. Gantry Theme Framework for WordPress:

An amazing framework that allows rapid theme development. 36 widget ready areas allow for all sorts of layout combination possible.


13. Turbo Framework:

TurboFramework is an open source library for time saving WordPress themes development and design.  TurboFramework comes with a large set of feature and shortcodes.


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