50+ Twitter Tools for Your Business and Personal Use

1. Tweriod: Sign in with Twitter, Work out your report, Notified by email. online tool. Free & Paid. Starting from $3.99.


2. Commun.it:  Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships, Focus on your influencers and potential customers, Manage multiple Twitter profiles, teams & schedule Tweets, Know who to follow/unfollow, what content to Tweet, Join 50 thousands+ users today. online tool. Free.


3.  Tweeter Spy: Read Tweets from your timeline, See who you follow, and follow new people, Update your profile, Post Tweets for you. online tool. Free.


4.  Tweepi:  flush the unfollowers, reciprocate, cleanup the inactives, force to unfollow you, follow new tweeps, Join 500,000+ people. Paid. Starting from $7.49/month. online tool.


5.  Business Twitter: Dig into targeting, analytics, promotional tactics and marketing tools. online tool. Free.


6.  Followerwonk: Dig deeper into Twitter analytics, Find and connect with new influencers in your niche, Use super-actionable visualizations to compare your social graph to others, Easily share your reports with the world. online tool. Free.


7. Manage Flitter: Manage Multiple Accounts, Grow your Business on Twitter, Use Awesome Analytics, PowerPost. online tool. Free.


8. Twitacc: Add Multiple Twitter Accounts, Manage your Campaigns, Secure Login, Auto Tweets, Keyword Watch, Track your Links, Feed Twitter with your Blog or RSS, Future Tweets, Track Your Campaigns. Free & Paid. Starting from $9.99/month. online tool.


9.  Tweetadder: Meet THE Ferrari of Twitter Marketing Software, Friend Adder and Promotion Management, Compatible with both Windows PC, Mac Os X & Linux. Paid. Starting from $55/month.


10.  Tweet Deck: Arrange your feeds with customizable columns, Focus on what matters with powerful filters, Schedule Tweets to suit your audience, Monitor and manage unlimited accounts, Stay up to date. Compatible with both Windows PC, Mac Os X, Free


11.  Tweet Chat: Sign in to TweetChat, Choose hashtag to follow, Converse in real time. online tool. Free.


12. Click To Tweet: Clicktotweet is the best, easiest and simplest way to promote and advertise your stuff on Twitter. online tool. Free.


13. Tweet Beep: If you love Twitter, you’ll love TweetBeep! Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates. Free & Paid. Starting from $5/month. online tool.


14. Twuffer: tweet pre-written announcements, appointment/milestone reminders, run a time-based scavenger hunt, notify subscribers about upcoming podcast or video episodes, appear to never sleep.  Free. online tool.


15.  Tweet Effect:  No login required, No data storage. Free. online tool.


16. Echofon: Never Read a Tweet Twice, Media Made Easy, Notifications when Needed, Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows. Free.


17. Simply Cast: Unlimited Campaign Creation, Quick Campaign Setup, Start/End Date Support, Link Shortening Tool, RSS to Twitter, Auto-Follow, Tweet Recycling, Pause/Disable Functionality, Timezone Support, Customizable DMs, Track Link Visits, Character Limiting. Paid. Starting from $9.99/month. online tool.


18. Tweet Cloud: Insights into things you would have never known about your twitter account, Gives you magical powers. Free. online tool.


19. Who tweeted Me: WhoTweetedMe.com will analyze a URL and show you its most influential retweeters, potential reach and timeline. Due to Twitter API limitations, It works best on blog post URLs that are between 1 day and 2 weeks old. Free. online tool.


20. Follow Blitz: Find Who Unfollowed Me, No Daily Unfollow Limits, Track Twitter Unfollowers, Send a Message to Your New Followers, Manually Follow Back New Followers, Unfollow Inactive Users. Free. online tool.


21. Socialbro: Build your community, Precise targeting, Powerful analytics, Competitor tracking, Best time to tweet, Follow/unfollow tools. Paid. Starting from $6.95/month. online tool.


22. Twitalyzer: Brands across the globe are using Twitter as a marketing communication vehicle without measuring their successes. Paid. Starting from $19/month. online tool.


23. Tweetreach:  search, analyze, report. Paid. Starting from $84/month. online tool.


24. Featured Users: Get Real Twitter Followers. Paid. $19/month. online tool.


25. Twitdemic: Show your Followers some Love, Rock a Leaderboard, Measure what Matters. Free. online tool.


26. Twtqpon: TwtQpon helps you to increase sales through Twitter coupons. Paid. $8/qpon. online tool.


27. Twilert: Twilert offers you a smarter way to monitor what’s being said about you and your brand on Twitter. Paid. Starting from $9/month. online tool.


28. Tweet Archivist: Monitor your brand on Twitter, Track a hashtag campaign, Capture tweets during a conference, concert or sports event, Perform academic research. Paid. $14.99/month. online tool.


29. Twittercounter: Twitter Counter is an analytics service for Twitter.  Free/Paid. Starting from $17/month. online tool.


30. Twitblock: TwitBlock is a junk filter and bulk blocking tool for Twitter. It scans your followers for nuisance accounts and makes it easy to block them all in one place. Free. online tool.


31. Followize: Cut through the noise, follow the conversation. Free. online tool.


32. Snap Bird: Read Tweets from your timeline, See who you follow, and follow new people, Update your profile, Post Tweets for you, Access your direct messages. Free. online tool.


33. Back Tweets: Search for links on twitter. Free. online tool.


34. A World Of Tweets: latest worldwide tweets Visualizations. Free. online tool.


35. Toris Eye: Tori’s eye is a Twitter visualization tool. Free. online tool.


36. Social Collider: cross-connections between conversations. Free. online tool.


37. Visible Tweets: Visible Tweets is a visualisation of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces. Free. online tool.


38. Tweeps Key: graph that unlocks the power of your tweeps. Free. online tool.


39. Moritz Stefaner: Revisit visualization of latest 200 tweets around a given topic. Free. online tool.


40. Mentionmapp: Read Tweets from your timeline, See who you follow, and follow new people, Update your profile, Post Tweets for you. Free. online tool.


41. Vizify: While you can’t sign up for Tweetsheet anymore, you can get more awesome infographics. Free. online tool.


42. Twitcam: No sign up required, 100% Free, No software required, Handles up to 100,000+ viewers, Share your broadcast on other social networks. online tool.


43. Tweet Meme: Retweet the hottest stories on Twitter. Free. online tool.


44.  Twitter Status: Official updates on the status of Twitter service. Free. online tool.


45. Twile Share: Easy to Use, Upload DOC, PDF and other files, 1 GB Storage Space, Viewage Stats, Safe and Secure. Free. online tool.


46. Twups: Twups is a twitter aggregator, pulling the most popular twitter topics into one place. Free. online tool.


47. Tweetwally: To get started, choose a hashtag, username, or keyword. You can filter the results further and customize your Tweetwall. Free. online tool.


48. Tweet My Jobs: Great job matches via Twitter. Free. online tool.


49. Nurph: Group Twitter chat, hashtag streaming. Free. online tool.


50. Chitty Chat: Tweet privately with a group. Free. online tool.


51. Twibes: Twitter groups list. Free. online tool.


52. Group Tweet: Allow any number of contributors to Tweet from a group account safely and securely. Free/Paid. Starting from $7.99/month. online tool.


53. We Follow: Find Twitter followers, directory and search. Free. online tool.








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