Classifieds as Traffic Source

One of the often overlooked source of traffic is on-line classified sites. For last 2 decades classified websites like craigslist have been constant sources of traffic to businesses.

A reason for marketers not using classifieds is that they do not get link backs to their websites from the bigger classified sites. In doing so they are neglecting a major traffic and potential lead source.

Not all businesses qualify though. Typically, legit offline businesses gets the best response. But online businesses with a real product/ useful service also can draw a lot of traffic and leads.

Posting to classifieds need some preparation. You will need the company details – name, location, email, phone and url, operating hours, zip etc. The most important pieces are the Title and Description.

Title must be eye catching. Description must be short with focus on benefits. Adding images are always beneficial as images draw attention much quicker than text ads.

Some of the classifieds would not allow a link back. Do not fret. That is fine. Classifieds are meant to draw traffic, not to feed links to some search engines. Displaying phone number and/or email is fine.

If you get an option to display a link for a few bucks then that is worth it, provided the classified site in drawing a lot of traffic. The value you will get out of a paid link on a high traffic website trumps the useless paid posting in web directories and blogs hands down.

There are hundreds of classifieds at the time of this write up and new ones coming up daily. Not all are good though. Before posting make sure that the classified meets the following criteria

1. It is high traffic
2. It has relevant regional categories for your business
3. Allows free ad posting
4. Has spam control measures like captcha in place
5. Looks well maintained with new ads

You can use alexa ranking to measure the popularity of a classified site – it is not accurate but will give you a strong indication of the popularity / traffic. Lower the rank better the site.

Typically regional classifieds are better for an offline business for targeting local consumers. For online businesses who wants to do business all over the world, international classifieds are a better option.

Classifieds must be posted regularly – frequency of submissions will be determined by the allowed time lapse between 2 successive posting by the classified site. Businesses with multiple products and services can post on a daily basis with new products and service offerings – to generate a steady stream of traffic

Posting to classifieds is a time consuming task. You can outsource this task to some one at a micro job site like If you want to do it on your own then use a tool like roboform auto form filler. That will save you a ton of time.

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