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Converting Single WordPress Installation to a Multi-site Installation

A few things you need to know before proceeding 1. Multi-site works only on the primary domain – that is, it will not work on an Add-on domain 2. If you are planning to use seperate domains for your multisites then there will be additional steps in additon to what it given in this tutorial. […]

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Comprehensive List of WordPress Theme Frameworks

1. Bones Framework: Advanced theme framework based on HTML5 Boiler Plate. Allows rapid prototyping.   2. Wonderflux Theme Framework: Advanced wordpress theme framework featuring full OOP code structure.   3. Indenizer Theme Framework: Indenizer is more of a starting theme than a framework. It gives you a simple theme with building blocks on the home page which […]

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1st Level Sub Pages Widget – WordPress, From One Busy Pixel

RL Subpages Widget This plugin gives you a widget which you can use to show subpages (1st level only) of a parent page, on your blog’s sidebar(s). This plugin is the result of my frustrations with other wordpress subpages widgets & plugins. None of the other plugins & widgets offered a simple solution to show me only […]

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Ajax Call not Working for Non Admin Users in WordPress?

This problem sometimes occurs when you want to restrict access to WordPress dashboard. Typically you would like to redirect non admin users to another location (usually a front end custom admin panel) after they login, based on a ‘if admin’ conditional statement. Here is an example: function redirect_non_admin_user() { if ( !current_user_can(‘administrator’) ) { wp_redirect( […]

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