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Converting Single WordPress Installation to a Multi-site Installation

A few things you need to know before proceeding 1. Multi-site works only on the primary domain – that is, it will not work on an Add-on domain 2. If you are planning to use seperate domains for your multisites then there will be additional steps in additon to what it given in this tutorial. […]

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How to Create a Responsive Navigation Menu with jQuery and CSS3

I am assuming that you have some basic knowledge of CSS and know what is a Responsive Layout – including menus. In short responsive layout is when content display format adjusts to the viewport’s width and height. Also we are talking about horizontally laid out menus only for this tutorial. We have 2 ways to […]

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Guide to setting up a Cron job in Cpanel

A Cron is a constantly running server process that executes specific commands at specific intervals. A Cron job is a task executed via the Cron dameon and is┬árun by the server automatically at designated time intervals. This article explains the steps required to set up a cron job in a Apache server running in Linux […]

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