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Top 5 Online Forums for Web Designers

With the proliferation of online stores and entertainment sites, it is no wonder why web designers are busier than ever. After all, someone has to make the design for all those sites and make sure they look good and are functional too. Indeed, it is a good time to be involved in web design. If […]

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Top Desktop Logo Maker Software Programs

I have scanned the net to find the best Logo Maker Software Programs so that you don’t have to! These tools will make creating a logo a lot easier than using a full fledged software like Adobe Illustrator or even Photoshop.But let me add that, if you are skilled in  illustrator or photoshop then use […]

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List of Drag Drop Site Builders

Cringe at the thought of HTML tags? Does CSS gives you nightmares? Then this list is for you. Presented below are some of the most popular Drag and Drop Webpage / Website builders. 1. Website: 90 Seconds Website Builder: Type: Desktop Application License Cost:  $69 This one is a premium website builder. Based on WYSIWYG platform. […]

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Comprehensive List of WordPress Theme Frameworks

1. Bones Framework: Advanced theme framework based on HTML5 Boiler Plate. Allows rapid prototyping.   2. Wonderflux Theme Framework: Advanced wordpress theme framework featuring full OOP code structure.   3. Indenizer Theme Framework: Indenizer is more of a starting theme than a framework. It gives you a simple theme with building blocks on the home page which […]

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Top 25 Sites for Stock Images

Stock Images are essential elements of any web project. They add color and life to any document. But finding good stock image sites is a time consuming affair. There are hundreds of them on the net and finding quality ones will demand a large chunk of your time and resources. Here we present a list […]

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Import Large MySql Database with Bigdump

Importing MySql database through PHPMyAdmin has its limitations. Often you will face a server imposed file upload limit (usually 2 ~ 50 MiB per upload ) and / or script timeout limitations. This becomes a problem when you are trying to upload larger database. Bigdump solves that problem. Bigdump is a staggered MySql dump importer […]

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6 Most Useful Digg Type Sites for Web Designers & Developers

If you are a web/graphics designer or a web developer, you can use these sites to distribute your web design / graphics design / web development related links to get targeted visitors to your blog. Some of these sites also accept links to articles and news on mobile devices, marketing and advertising related topics. Design […]

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Apollo HQ, Integrated CRM and Project Management System Review

If you are a business owner operating online, you must have felt the need to have an integrated Customer Relationship Management and Project Management System, at one point of time or other. Apollo HQ is just that – an integrated system to handle both contacts and projects seamlessly. I have been using Basecamp from 37 […]

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Adobe Illustrator CS6: Powerhouse vector graphics app got even better

Web design Professionals need to use a lot of apps for making stunning and attractive websites apart from scripting languages. There is almost no website where images and designers need to use various kinds of still and animated graphics in web pages to make them suitable for viewers. While there are several image editing apps […]

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Top Chrome extensions web developers can gain from

In last few years, web development industry has gone through major upheavals and breakthrough technological innovations. Web browsers, for instance, have become more feature rich and become more than just a mean to browse web for users. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two browsers that have turned out to be beneficial for web developer […]

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