Article Marketing the Right Way

Does article marketing work? That is a question frequently asked in internet marketing seminars these days. Answer is – that depends on what you want to achieve with it.

If your target is to rank your website in search engines with article marketing then you are going to be extremely disappointed! It will be a fruitless and even risky exercise! But, if you want to get boatloads of traffic to your legit business with article marketing, then hold on, i will show you just how to do it!

For most low end service providers article marketing still follows this pattern

Create a “keyword rich” article, meant for search engines.
Spin it to death with the latest spinning tool available.
Submit it to some 500+ low quality article directories.

Not surprisingly the results are always abysmal – sometimes leading to penalties for the site being promoted, and they start complaining that articles marketing does not work! But it does, you just have to approach article marketing the right way.

Here is how to do it

Step 1: Create an article that will be of interest to your target audience. Forget search engines. Just focus on your product/service users information demands and how you can meet them through your article. Your article should typically satisfy one of the following criteria

It creates a controversy
It triggers an emotion
It is practical

(more on creating useful viral content here)

Note that the type of article you create depends on your objective. If you want people to follow your article and land up on your website to make a purchase, you are better off with writing practical and problem solving articles that ties up the solution with your product/service. If you are after creating massive surge of generic traffic then go for highly rousing and controversial topics in your product/service niche.

If you cannot create such article then you have 2 options

Hire a copyrighter who can do
Scrap the idea of article marketing altogether and do other types of marketing

Step 2: If you have reached step 2 then you are armed with your article already! Let us make that work!

Method 1: Direct Marketing to relevant people

Article marketing in a nutshell is syndicating your content to as many relevant sources as possible to get the buzz started and going for your product/service. The key here is the people who will accept your content.

What type of people you need to distribute your content to? Anyone who can amplify the distribution with their own networks are the first level candidates. Next are the direct users of your product/service.

How to find such people? One method is to search google with your topic keywords and find individual webmasters, groups, ezine publishers, facebook group owners, you get the picture.

Create an excelsheet with such contacts. Some 500+ contacts are enough to start with, but there really is no upper limit.

Next write a simple email, offering them your content piece – free. Mention how your content can be useful to them. If needed, offer them to customize the content to suit their websites, businesses and groups – that will give you better response.

Make it a point to mail to these contacts on a daily basis. This is vital if you want good response rates. Many people send to only a handful and when no one responds they just assume that this method does not work! Keep on sending emails regularly and you will be surprised by the response!

Method 2: Submitting to Article directories

Despite warnings by Matt Cutts of Google, article directories can still be used for traffic and leads. You just need to make some adjustments to your submission tactics.

Select top 10 popular article directories that accepts articles in your niche. In general Alexa Ranking can be a failry good indicator of a sites popularity (it can be manipulated though).

Next use a url shorterner service like to replace all links in the article body/ author bio. You need to do this to avoid probably Google penalties for trying to manipulate ranking through article submissions.

Go ahead and submit.

Method 3: Actually there is no single method 3 here, just a compilation of less effective ways to distribute your content. Some such methods are:

1. Creating a PDf file with your content and submitting to document sharing sites
2. Bookmarking your article links (on your site / 3rd party sites) on social bookmarking sites
3. Creating shortened version of your article on Web2.0 platforms like, Blogspot, Weebly, Xanaga etc.

So which method is best and should be pursued? I would suggest you focus 80% of your efforts on method 1 and 10% on method 2 and divide the rest of 10% on other methods. The most important thing here is persistence. Set up a system to do these tasks on a regular basis and in a very short span of time( 2 – 3 months) you will be rewarded with a consistent and every increasing stream of traffic to your website/business.

Do you have any other methods/strategies to share? Please post it in the comments section below.

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