Apollo HQ, Integrated CRM and Project Management System Review

If you are a business owner operating online, you must have felt the need to have an integrated Customer Relationship Management and Project Management System, at one point of time or other.

Apollo HQ is just that – an integrated system to handle both contacts and projects seamlessly.

I have been using Basecamp from 37 signals for Project Management and a self created basic software for managing clients. But as clients and projects increased, it was a tough and sometimes wasteful job switching between the programs.

I started looking online for solutions and landed on Apollo!

Apollo Features:

  • Quick Overview on the Index Page of everything that is going on in your projects.
  • Interactive Timers to keep track of time usage in a task
  • Task division: assign task as personal, for project or for contact
  • Task Reporting : view task status in groups – personal, project and customer related
  • Task tracking: view time spent of any task
  • Add event quickly by just clicking on a Calender
  • Activity screen allows you to see who is doing what on your projects and also the access details for your projects
  • Send message to members
  • Create to do lists
  • Track project activity
  • Upload and manage files for your projects
  • Allow project access to both – internal and external users
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete contacts
  • Add tasks related to contacts
  • Track activities done for contacts
  • View/Manage internal user and external users
  • Create groups for specific tasks
  • Import data from your existing Basecamp account
  • Import your contacts from other CRMs easily
  • Easy data export function
  • Access your dashboard from iPhone and Android

I am now using it for a week and starting to like the features and the easy user interface. There may be other integrated system better than ApolloHQ that i have not come across yet.

Share you comments and views in comments below.


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