7 Social Media Tools for Marketing Your Business

There are quite a lot of social media tools available online when it comes to marketing your business. Some are generic and and some focus on a few specific marketing channel(s) or social media networks.

I compiled this list initially to help my team set up multiple accounts for clients across several major social networks. The criteria i used were

  • Must allow for posting content and updating status in all major social networks
  • Must  allow for multiple accounts on any single social networks – mutiple profiles
  • Must have single location for composing and scheduling posts and updates across all selected channels
  • Must allow for custom addition of new social networks
  • Must have single page for monitoring all activities across all selected channels
  • Must allow real time lead generation
  • Must have an integrated reporting feature that combines monitoring and analytics reports

Unfortunately i could not find a single provider / tool that fulfilled all features. Probably this is something a digital entrepreneur might want to look into.

Nevertheless these 7 tools listed here can be combined to get the features that i listed above. I hope this list will save you a bit of research time.

SproutSocial – Provides option to publish to multiple social networks simultaneously. Option to monitor relevant brand keywords, discover what people in the social media are saying about your brand. Analyze data across social profiles or social platforms
MarketMeSuite – Manage your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts in one place. Provides option to use multiple team members and profiles – free account allows a single member. One very useful option is the real time social media search – you can generate leads from FB, Twitter and Linked in by searching in real time.
Sendible – Sendible has option to share content in 5 bookmarking services, post content to 10 blog platforms, post video and photos to 7 platforms including youtube and flickr, send status updates to 5+ networking sites. It is the only tool where I found the option to create logins for my clients and users and also set permissions for each.
SocialBakers – Social Bakers is a social media analytics platform focused on top 5 social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Linkedin. They provide tools to measure and maximize the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.
CrowdBooster – Another platform offering social media analytics and brand monitoring. Offers suggestions so that you improve on your content and timing to reach potential clients. Also provides a content scheduler to compose and schedule your content for distribution.
MediaFunnel – Media Funnel offers – multiple social media accounts, multiple users and roles, tweets and posts scheduling and social media monitoring for your brand.
Brandwatch– Allows you to monitor social space for brand mentions. Find most active communities relevant to your brand. Segment mention-type into complaint, review, referral.
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