20 Useful WordPress Tutorials for Beginners and Experts

WordPress Codex is the most common place to find something about WordPress programming and coding. As WordPress is open source content management system, people from all over the world keep contributing to the codex making it the largest pool of tutorials and help articles.

At the same time, there are many other resources on WordPress. Let’s figure out what kind of help you can get and where:

1. Commenting adds interactivity to a website; the comments.php file allows you to play with the commenting feature. This tutorial on comments.php helps you to learn more on this.

2. Next comes a tutorial on how to become a WordPress developer. It describes the tools, plugins, web hosting and even how to get clients in details. Anybody who wants to take up WordPress development as a profession would be benefitted from it.

3. Each WordPress installation usually comes with a database; is there any way to install multiple instances of WordPress with single database? Learn more.

4. WordPress themes are really cool; these are like readymade templates that can be plugged in to your WordPress website. Theme development is a great career option; with increasing demand of WordPress based websites it is expected that there will be a huge demand for custom WordPress themes. Learn how you can develop a WordPress theme from scratch. Here is another tutorial on theme development that you might explore.

5. Interactivity and data visualization are at the core of user interface these days. Learn how you can integrate flash charts and graphs with WordPress.

6. Here is a series of video tutorials that show you how to design for WordPress? Is it the same as you design for any HTML/CSS website OR it’s different? Learn more. There is another such tutorial that is quite helpful too.

7. WordPress theme hacks tutorial shows how to play around the code and make any WordPress theme more suitable for your business.

8. Are you switching to WordPress from any other CMS Or simple HTML based website? You do not need to design new theme; learn how to convert a web template into a WordPress theme.

9. Here is a tutorial on how to use CSS and WordPress to add your own style statement.

10. Create a WordPress theme in 5 minutes! Does that sound weird? No you can – here is a tutorial (old but useful) that teaches how to create WordPress themes in just 5 minutes.

11. Plugins are useful; with Plugins you can add certain functionality to the WordPress website. Learn how to create WordPress Plugins with OOP techniques.

12. Not liking the sidebar? You can customize the sidebar as per your requirement and show the content you want. Learn how to custom sidebar.

13. Make your website search engine friendly so that crawlers can navigate the pages easily. Here is a tutorial on how to make your WordPress website more crawlable.

14. How to create a real estate website using WordPress; what are the requirements. Here is a detailed article and some useful themes.

15. Sitemap is an important part of a website; it not only helps users to find out pages on your website, but search engine crawlers check the sitemap to find new pages. Learn how you can create the sitemap automatically in WordPress.

16. Forum is a useful platform to interact with your customers; you can install forum on your WordPress website. Here is an article and here is a video on how to do this.

17. Ecommerce is becoming popular rapidly; learn how you can embed WordPress with OSCommerce, open source ecommerce software.

18. If you are trying to achieve a diversified theme with various page layouts but don’t want to use multiple themes, you should check this tutorial. It shows how to use multiple page layouts in one WordPress template.

19. Do you want to create a list of upcoming events and display it on your WordPress website? Here is a tutorial that teaches how to do this.

20. Are you trying to create a classified website in WordPress? Here is an article that describes how you can build a classified website using WordPress CMS.

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