13 Niche Pinterest Clones You may Want to Use

Most of these sites cater to specific niches. If your business belongs to one of these niches then it can be a good idea to join and share relevant images. You may get a nice stream of visitors to your own website or blog or whatever you have – good for business and marketing -right?

Chill : Pin your videos. It also allows you to distribute and market your videos.
USABilla: Collect, rate and save design elements on any website.
Everplaces: Save and share visual references about your favorite travel places, restaurants, food and design.
Fyndesters: A direct pinterest takeoff, not much to differentiate, though this site claims to offer you the option of expressing your personality.
GentleMint: An image pinning service focused on ‘manly’ images. On second thoughts, what was that again!
iwannanom: They ask you – what looks tasty to you! Simply this is a sharing service for recipe lovers – not recipes themselves, but the images of recipes. I did find some delicacies straight away on the front page. You might want to take a look yourself.
Kulisha: You can ‘pin’ your facebook and twitter feeds on this one. They did not allow me to view the front page without singing in to facebook/twitter. It is actually a feed aggregator with a design like the pinterest.
Manteresting: Pin stuff that men likes? And what does men like? Pretty faces, titillating images, booze and the usual stuff. You can find all such visual delights here and share yours also.
Pingram: It is a mashup of instagram and pinterest and the result is pretty awesome. Check it out yourself.
Reclipit: Weekly pinnable ads from your favorite stores. Pin and share to your hearts content.
Stylepin: If you are big on fashion and cannot do without your daily dose of abstract styles, then this is for you. It is by invitation only – which means you may or may not get o pass the gate!
Sworly: Social, free and unlimited – that is what they say on the front page. At the moment they have something north of 20 million songs that you can listen to – all free. Music clips are accompanied by image clips which you can ‘pin’
Thinng: Create lists, add the Thinngs you love and post directly to Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter instantly! Рthis description is from their website. I could not find anything unique other than they provide you the option to post your pins to the 3 social networks.Nevertheless worth a look.

Do you know any other ‘pinterest clone’ worth mentioning? Post it in the comments below.

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