11 Excellent Color Scheme Creator Tools for Web Designers

When a visitor comes to a website the first thing she will notice is colors!

Human emotion is affected by colors. Specific colors evoke specific feelings and perceptions.

For a website it is essential that correct color scheme is used, as this is what can compel a visitor to take a desired action.

When a web designer creates a theme, she has to start with one or a few base colors.

Typically there will be several other colors that will go with these base colors – in various elements of the web page.

Creating these ‘supporting’ or ‘complimentary’ colors can take a long time.

To make this task easier we have compiled a list of 11 Color Scheme generator tools which will help web designers create effective color combinations for their personal or client websites.

Website Image URL Image Upload Downloads Swatches CSS
Degraeve Yes No No No
Bighugelabs No Yes Yes Yes
Cssdrive Yes Yes Yes (aco) Yes
Colorhunter Yes Yes No No
Colrd No Yes Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp No
Pictaculous No Yes Photoshop No
Colorcombos Yes No Color brushes No
Colorexplorer No Yes Ase, Aco, PNG and Text No
Jrm No Yes No No
Palettefx No Yes JPEG No
Patorjk Yes No No No

Degraeve – Create color pallettes easily from an image.
Bighugelabs – Creates limited number of color variations which you can download as swatches.

CSS Drive – Generates detailed color variations.
Colorhunter – Not many variations in shades
Colrd – Excellent color pallettes. Picks up almost all color shades on an image
Pictaculous – Limited color variations.
Colorcombos – Upload page url to get design brushes based on colors on that page. Very useful.
Colorexplorer – Registration required to download generated color pallettes
JRM – Very basic tool. Good for small images below 150kb size.
Palettefx – Upload image – get color pallete as image bars
Patorjk – Basic color pallette generator. You can also change the hue on displayed pallete

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11 Excellent Color Scheme Creator Tools for Web Designers, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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