10 Essential Websites for Freelance Web Designers

It’s not all about the brushes, patterns and fonts – there are many other things that you will need while working as a freelance web designer. Here is a useful list of websites that makes it easy to work independently.


As a freelance web designer your first objective is to get jobs; you might be adequately creative but to earn money you have to provide service initially. Of course there are other ways through which you can earn money but offering service is the easiest and fastest way of making revenue.

oDesk is a platform where freelancers can publish their profile; hundreds of employers post their requirements here – so you can apply to any of the jobs that looks suitable to you.

You have to go through an interview session to get the final go ahead from the employer. Plenty of web design and development related projects are available there.


This is another platform that connect freelancers, self employed professionals and service providers with employers. As a freelance web designer you can create your profile and submit bids to several web design projects.

You can search for suitable projects in the web design related category; there are several parameters based on which you can filter your search and find out most suitable project for yourself.

There are options to get paid through escrow – this is a secured payment mode. Good for the freelancers who are starting new. There are free and paid membership plans.


“Am I really spending my days the way I want to” – if this question comes to your mind every now and then you should visit RescueTime.

As a freelance worker it is quite common to get deviated from your objectives and work schedule. There is no office time, there is no one to oversee, there are no rules – so you might end up spending hours doing nothing productive.

You have to register with RescueTime and install an app; you have to configure the settings to let the program know how to evaluate the productive hours. Based on that it tells you how many hours you spent on facebook, how many hours your worked on checking emails etc.


This is an invoicing software that allows you to create professional and customized invoice for your clients. As you start offering service you would realize how important it is to send invoice to the clients. When you use platforms like oDesk or Elance you might not need to send any invoice but when you work on projects from your personal contact chances are high that the client would ask for invoice before making payment.

With a time tracking option Invoicera allows you to generate error free professional invoice. It has many other powerful features also. It can be integrated with ecommerce platform to generate real time invoice.

nspire Inspiration Search

Inspiration is at the core of all types of creative work; even when you work on an idea the base of it is inspiration. As you are involved in an extremely creative work, you will need some sources of inspiration. What about an inspiration search engine?

nspire is a platform that is a basically a collection of inspirations that web designers can use to get idea. It is a useful way of remaining high and full with positive thoughts. When you work on any of the client projects and run short of ideas, such a platform might help you to get back to your creative spree.


It is not always possible to arrange a photo shoot; but you cannot ignore the usefulness of photos in web design. So how can you get suitable photos for the website? Using copyrighted images is a Big No No.

You can get hundreds of attractive photos at iStockphoto. All you need to do is, find the right photo, buy it and then use it almost everywhere you want.

If you don’t want to spend anything, you should search for royalty free images, but when it comes to quality, it is recommended to use websites like iStockphoto.


The day you stop learning you cease to exist actually. People learn throughout their life; and when you are in such a creative field that evolves every day you have to keep yourself updated.

Tutorialized offers a great collection of user contributed tutorials on varieties of topics. If you need help regarding anything, you can visit the website for solutions.

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